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Standards and High Tech

We endeavour to prepare our products to comply with the various requirements of European standards (ISO) in place for Personal Protective Equipment. We adapt the materials used for manufacturing our products based on their use; this optimises it and ensures comfort and convenience for the user.


Materials used

With a view to ensure your protection and to offer you comfortable and resistant clothing, we opt for increasingly innovative materials to manufacture our products. In particular, we use Kevlar®, a cut-resistant material, Taeki5®, a soft material which is highly resistant to abrasion, cuts and UV, as well as Cordura® fabric that provides greater durability and light clothing. You will also find Beaver fabric, a windproof, cold-proof, waterproof and wear-resistant material, and Breathane® fabric which is extremely flexible and offers a breathable impermeability.

3M Scotchlite
3M Thinsulate

Similarly, we are developing products using Thinsulate® fibre, which is light and soft with thermal properties, soybean fibres – biodegradable and environmentally friendly, which make the fabric tear-resistant – as well as bamboo fibres which provide great comfort and higher quality by absorbing moisture, refreshing when it is warm, and warming when it is cold.


Joining techniques

We combine these fabrics with specific properties with advanced manufacturing techniques to obtain high-tech composite materials. This method improves the material’s quality for different uses (agility, rigidity under exertion, etc.). We also use other joining techniques which allows us to make our products hydrophobic, breathable, water-resistant, waterproof, insulating, impermeable, moth-repellent, anti-pilling, shape-retaining, soft, flexible, light, antibacterial, tactile, more comfortable and manageable , environmentally-friendly, non-slip, anti-magnetic wave, bus also more visible, stronger and more aesthetic.

European standards

Year after year, European standards change and become more and more demanding in order to constantly improve the protection of professional who work in specific industries. By keeping in line with these normative objectives, we can create and develop our products in a way that meet current standards but also anticipate future standards. In order to ensure the authenticity of these standards, we approach various notified organisations, amongst whom are SATRA, SGS, INTERTEC, INSPEC and CTC, who provide certification that our products are in fact compliant with the requirements to which they respond.

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